(a) Develops new technologies and platforms to enable AIM to operate efficiently across the value chain for live strategies: a prime example of this is K2T Twin Summits disruptive real assets platform (operating cradle to grave).

(b) Undertakes internal development projects to develop new strategies where AIM or iLAB has identified an exploitable opportunity in the market: current focus is on real assets

(c) Supports both AIM and Twin Summits external partners by undertaking mandates in areas where they want more exposure to or focus on: e.g. new areas to deploy capital for insurance and pension firms

Often AIM and iLAB work together as one, leveraging each others resources to support Twin Summits’ partners work with startups and explore new ventures and or partnership and licensing agreements reducing operational, monitoring and representational risks without investing too many resources. ”

Fundamentally, the goal of innovation in businesses is to impact a company’s bottom line, while helping secure it’s longevity. At Twin Summits, we, therefore, established iLAB; whose role it is to continually review the way AIM operates, while also exploring ways we can increase performance and generate alpha for our investors by leveraging new technologies, platforms, products and or highlighting new collaborative partnerships for AIM to enter into.

Twin Summit’s iLAB staff, are often tasked with some of the most difficult problems in our industry, having to reverse-engineer solutions from first principles, breaking problems down into basic elements and then reassemble them from the ground up.

The future of institutional investment management will no longer just lie in the hands of investment professional going forward; but also those of the data scientists and programmers, who are able to extract additional insight in new data and develop faster and more powerful tools for investment managers to execute with. By having an AIM and iLABs operate closely together as a cohesive unit, we can leverage a wider base of skill to obtain a competitive and comparative advantage.

K2 Transparency is one of the primary tools used by our portfolio managers to execute Twin Summits Capital’s direct real estate strategy, currently with a focus on US-SFR. The principles of Twin Summits had ultimately become frustrated with the limited options and software available to them in the marketplace. Alternatives were either not fast enough or provided insufficient information for our portfolio managers to exploit the inefficiencies in the different markets they invested across.

Twin Summits, as a result, decided to develop a bespoke real asset acquisition and asset management platform. With a large number of staff possessing programming skill and already having experience developing apps and investment platforms (for private equity and hedge fund strategies), the decision was made to develop the software internally. The result was a streamlined and very efficient platform for direct real estate acquisitions and asset management.

K2 Transparency helps our portfolio managers and analyst find areas to invest in, right down to individual subdivisions and HOAs, which can potentially provide above-average market yields and rates of capital appreciation, and hopefully generate alpha.

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In an ever-changing world, where technology is becoming ever more ingrained in the daily lives of the people and companies around us, we at Twin Summits believe it is now more important than ever for companies to embrace advancements in technology as they are happening, ‘here and now,’ and not wait to act retrospectively, in order to stay ahead of the pack.

At Twin Summits, technology plays a crucial role in our investment process. We believe this role will only become more important as time goes on and information systems become faster and quicker than ever before, particularly through the utilization of AI and other such advancements. At Twins Summits, therefore, when considering a new strategy or product, one of the first questions which we ask ourselves is.

“Do we have the necessary technology and information system in place to execute this strategy; (A) better than our competitors and, (B) be more efficiently than our competitors, and if the answer is no, then what do we need to do to achieve these goals? Does the technology or software not exist? If so can we develop it ourselves?”

It is Twin Summits firm belief that by having tailored information systems for each of there strategies we operate, and utilising new advancements in computing like ‘Big Data’, we will be able to analyse, and most importantly understand data quicker and better than our competitors. In turn, this gives us a clearer picture of the markets we’re in and allows us to make better investment decisions than our competitors.

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