US-SFR – Strategy Overview

Twin Summits’s US Single Family Homes team consists of eight professionals who work closely with our local operating partners throughout the US. The team’s portfolio and asset managers have a proven track record delivering this strategy, as well as portfolio management expertise in US Single-Family Rentals. In US-SFR, the team has experience deploying and managing:

3,300 Properties

Our team focuses on several direct real estate sub-markets according to market opportunities available at the time. We typically take a long-term view on investing and focus on seeking value by actively managing the assets. Twin Summits Capital believes that US Single-Family Rentals (US-SFR) offers compelling risk/reward characteristics and a diversified cash flow profile.

Equally, US-SFR is appealing to investors seeking the potential of an inflation-protected cash flow, generated by a large and transparent multi-asset class. This, combined with strong rental demand in the US and a low supply of SFR properties, creates what we consider an excellent time to invest.

$640 million

To execute this strategy, Twin Summits Capital’s founders have developed K2 Transparency (K2T), a unique US-SFR investment management platform and asset management and portfolio optimisation tool.