Strategies Overview

Our investment universe is not limited to one asset class, and through a mixture of top-down and bottom-up strategies, we invest across a wide spectrum of asset classes, often incorporating both traditional and alternative investments into our funds. To best serve our clients’ capital needs, Twin Summits offers both funds and non-collateralised investment structures in which to invest. We do this to allow us to react quickly to the changing market, and execute point in time investments with a selected number of investors, while servicing our larger client pool.

“We pride ourselves on continuously incorporating the latest technology into our investment process to give us our edge.”

Our view is that by using modern technology to aid and supplement the investment process, we can reduce our costs for investors, streamline portfolios and funds operations, execute strategies not previously possible, and attempt to generate alpha due to the extra information we can obtain. For all our disruptive real asset strategies such as our ‘US Single-Family Rental Strategy’ and ‘Global Real Asset Strategy,’ we have developed our own bespoke disruptive real asset platform, ‘K2 Transparency’.