The UK residential market offers an exciting investment landscape. There is an increasing demand for rental properties, boosted by the growing popularity of the Build-to-Rent (BTR) sector. At Twin Summits, we are considering the launch of a UK Institutional Build-to-Let (IBTL) model to supplement this burgeoning BTR market. By marrying our expertise in SFR with the growing opportunities in the BTR sector, we aim to offer a compelling proposition for investors.

To facilitate this strategy, the founders of Twin Summits Capital have developed K2 Transparency (K2T), an exclusive SFR investment management platform. This asset management and portfolio optimization tool allows our team to identify properties with signals suggestive of potential future outperformance, further enhancing the value of our investors’ portfolios. Our team typically adopts a long-term investment perspective, emphasizing the active management of assets to add value to each portfolio.

If your firm is interested in allocating capital to the UK Private Rented Sector (PRS) and would like to learn more about our strategies and plans, please use the form below to arrange a suitable time for a call. We are eager to discuss how we can help navigate the opportunities in this rapidly evolving market.

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